Wednesday, 13 July 2011

House mouse

I've recently bought a few sets of house mouse stamps and i simply adore them. I just love colouring them in and here is one of the cards i made from a completed image. I used Aqua-markers to colour them. it took me a while to get used to them but discovered that they dont work so well if the paper is wet you must put them on dry paper and use a wet brush to spread it out.


  1. Hiya!! Thanks for the comment over at my blog! :) That's good stuff to hear.
    There has been a new craft shop opened recently in Whitley Bay - Papercuts.. I don't know if you've heard of it? They always have classes going on, it's really good!!

    What a cute card by the way, love the embellishments and the layout!!

    Thanks for stopping by! xo

  2. That is a lovely card! My mam really likes House Mouse too! Can't wait to see you at the crop! We have been planning all day and have some fun and games with an inspirational twist in store for you! Remember to bring your projects to work on too and your crafty basics. My cropper hopper is heaving already! See you Friday, jenx (your new follower!)